[IPython-user] Testing needed: ipy_signals.py extension

Ville M. Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 01:03:57 CST 2006

Since it appears we will be pushing out a minor point release after
the holidays, I'd appreciate if you could give ipy_signals.py
extension (improves the way ctrl + c is handled) a quick whirl before
that, so it could be added to the default ipy_user_conf.py.

All you need to do is add to "import ipy_signals" to your
~/.ipython/ipy_user_conf.py and use ipython normally. Try to interrupt
programs by pressing ctrl+c often. :-)

It works on both win32 and Unices.

Ville M. Vainio - vivainio.googlepages.com
blog=360.yahoo.com/villevainio - g[mail | talk]='vivainio'

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