[IPython-user] Some new material about ipython...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Feb 11 21:08:25 CST 2006

Hi all,

I'd like to mention a couple of new things regarding ipython, which some of 
you may find useful and/or interesting.

First, Ian Ozsvald has been busy making training mini-videos for a number of 
Python-related tasks.  These can be a very nice way to introduce a user to the 
topic in a friendly way.  The IPython ones are here:


They are quite introductory, so if you are a die-hard IPython user you may 
already know the material, but you may still find them useful as pointers for 
your newly converted-to-ipython friends :)

Also have a look at some of Ian's other material on the site, I actually 
learned today about the Winpdb debugger (which is NOT win32-specific) from one 
of his videos.

Second, at the SAGE 2006 workshop:


I gave a presentation about future directions for ipython (what's going on in 
chainsaw) including a demo of the parallel capabilities.  If you are 
interested, there are mp3s of the lectures, as well as slides:


For those of you interested in symbolic computing, SAGE is a very impressive 
piece of work, built on top of ipython as its interactive shell.  It's really 
nice to call into Mathematica's command-line environment with ipython's 
readline support.  And SAGE exposes a LOT of computational capabilities, 
especially if number theory or algebraic geometry are your cup of tea.



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