[IPython-user] Autocall behaviour

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Feb 13 12:57:00 CST 2006

Frédéric Mantegazza wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just upgrade to ipython 0.7.1, and it seems that there is a problem 
> with autocall feature. Even when set to 2, I must add '()' to call the 
> __call__() method of the object, or any other method, without params. It 
> seems that even with level 2, autocall acts as in level 1.

Mmh, I'm not seeing this with fix1:

IPython 0.7.1.fix1 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
?       -> Introduction to IPython's features.
%magic  -> Information about IPython's 'magic' % functions.
help    -> Python's own help system.
object? -> Details about 'object'. ?object also works, ?? prints more.

In [1]: autocall 1
Automatic calling is: Smart

In [2]: callable
Out[2]: <built-in function callable>

In [3]: autocall 2
Automatic calling is: Full

In [4]: callable
------> callable()
exceptions.TypeError                                 Traceback (most recent 
call last)

/home/fperez/<ipython console>

TypeError: callable() takes exactly one argument (0 given)

and SVN trunk similarly behaves correctly for me.  Could you repeat the above 
test for us please? Include a paste of the startup banner so we can see 
exactly your version info, and also please do this:

In [7]: from IPython import Release

In [8]: Release.revision
Out[8]: '$Revision: 1114 $'

which will give us some info about the actual SVN version you have.



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