[IPython-user] [Python-Dev] a quit that actually quits

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jan 4 19:58:34 CST 2006

Walter Dörwald wrote:

>>Yup, intriguing...  At the very least, Walter's tool should be more 
>>widely known, and perhaps later on we can integrate it with ipython 
> I think the only thing required for this to work is extensible displayhooks.

Since I've had 0.7.0 in rc mode for a while, I don't want any potentially 
distabilizing changes right now, so I'll leave this as 0.7.1 material, but it 
sounds like a great plan.

Would you be willing to contribute this to the ipython codebase?  It's BSD 
licensed, I typically put in a copyright notice of the original author in all 
files which aren't originally mine.

>>Wo says we can't do better than Microsoft 
>>(http://arstechnica.com/guides/other/msh.ars)? :)
> At least we have a better syntax.

Yup.  We're going to need an official ipython-as-shell team formed, as my day 
to day work is a bit too orthogonal to this for me to make it justice.  I get 
the feeling that Ville and you may get signed up ;)



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