[IPython-user] iPython-ish editor

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Tue Jan 10 10:05:09 CST 2006

Robert Kern wrote:

>Ryan Krauss wrote:
>>It seems to me that iPython's tab completion works better than any I
>>have seen in any text editor that tries to support it - to the point
>>where I just go back and forth between iPython and vim, using iPython
>>to check that an object really has the methods I think it does and
>>pasting the iPython verified code back into my script.  How hard would
>>it be to borrow iPython's tab completion stuff and embedded it in a
>>Python based editor?  (Or is anyone aware of an editor whose tab
>>completion works correctly, recognizing that a certain object is of a
>>certain type and correctly determining its methods and properties?)
>That only works in a more static language (like Java) or when the objects are
>live and can be introspected (like in ipython). It doesn't work with Python code
>that *isn't* being executed.
SPE (which is written in Python) has completion and call-tips. Not 100%
certain it has tab-completion, but it's a very good editor and
definitely worth trying out. If it *doesn't* have it you can file it as
a feature request.

The dev-team work through these pretty quickly where feasible.

All the best,


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