[IPython-user] IPython 0.7.0 is out.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 10 12:22:13 CST 2006

Hi Sean,

Sean Moore wrote:
> Fernando,
> the patch / correction I sent you for pygtk on windows threaded coded didn't 
> make it into the release:
> in Shell.py  line 626 (sorry - don't have patch)  You have:
>         if self.gtk.pygtk_version >= (2,4,0):
>              import gobject
>              gobject.timeout_add(self.TIMEOUT, self.on_timer)
>          else:
>              self.gtk.timeout_add(self.TIMEOUT, self.on_timer)
> but I have this:
>          if self.gtk.pygtk_version >= (2,4,0):
>              import gobject
>              gobject.idle_add(self.on_timer)
>          else:
>              self.gtk.idle_add(self.on_timer)

could you please clarify for me again the rationale behind your patch?  The 
current version, using timeout_add, was reverted from your code very recently:

2006-01-04  Fernando Perez  <Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu>

	* IPython/Shell.py (IPShellGTK.mainloop): fix bug in the GTK
	backend for matplotlib (100% cpu utiliziation).  Thanks to Charlie
	Moad for help with tracking it down.

The problem was that GTK was using 100% cpu with the idle_add version, here's 
the thread on the matplotlib list where we tracked this down:


So we did indeed revert your patch out, but it was because the idle_add form 
was breaking matplotlib.   I guess we'll need to understand this better, so we 
can find a proper solution for all cases.  Perhaps Charlie also has some ideas 
on this front.



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