[IPython-user] Welcoming Ville as the new maintainer for IPython 0.7.x

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jan 11 12:49:22 CST 2006

Hi all,

as you will have noticed, I keep on promising to stop working on development
in the trunk/ of IPython to concentrate on the 'big cleanup' and new ideas in
the chainsaw/ branch.  And you have no doubt sneered many times, given the
regularity of my breaking such promise.

Well, I am trying to put a stop to such mockery, and regain a shred of my
honor.  For this, I have enlisted the help of one of our most active
contributors, who has a tendency to back his ideas, requests and suggestions
with working patches.

For the rest of the life of the 'current' ipython, Ville Vainio will be the
official maintainer.  I expect to put out a 0.7.1 myself next week, with fixes
for the few inevitable problems that were found in 0.7.0; I'm already working
on it.  But after that I'll be able to start working on the chainsaw branch in
earnest, where Brian Granger has been dutifully making progress already.
Knowing that Ville is at the controls will let me concentrate better on the
new work, without fearing that the plane will fly itself into a mountain.

I will continue to be available on the list, and will assist Ville as needed,
but I'll try to spend all my ipython hacking time on the new work, which is a
longer term effort.

I'd like to thank Ville for accepting my plea for help; he's done very good
work so far with IPython and I expect things will only get better.  It will be
my responsibility to track his changes into the new architecture, so that when
the new ipython is born, it isn't missing important features that Ville may
have added after 0.7.1.



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