[IPython-user] ^C does not abort during searches in 0.7

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Thu Jan 12 13:12:17 CST 2006

A Dijous 12 Gener 2006 19:53, Fernando Perez va escriure:
> For some strange reason, ^R doesn't work for me _at all_, but since I've
> never used it before, I'm not sure what the deal is.  But ^S
> (forward-search) does activate for me, and I seem to be able to cancel it
> just fine, both with and without threads:

Well, I can use ^R right from the beginning. Strange...

> Did anything else change in your system in the meantime?

No, I was using one version of IPython (0.6.15) in Python 2.3 and the
other (0.7) in Python 2.4. So, when I've made the report I was working
with exactly the same setup.

> Can you try both with and without threads to see if it makes a
> difference?

Yup, it does. Entering IPython 0.7 with the flag -qthread, makes
things go well again :-). Without this flag, I get to wrong behaviour.

I'm using a quite up-to-date Debian GNU/Linux unstable. If you want me
to make other tests, just ask.


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