[IPython-user] ^C does not abort during searches in 0.7

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Jan 12 14:59:43 CST 2006

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Francesc Altet wrote:
>>A Dijous 12 Gener 2006 20:28, Fernando Perez va escriure:
>>>AH!  I think it's a python 2.4 bug: I tested running the _same ipython_
>>>against python 2.3/2.4, and I see the problem with 2.4.  Ah, it's so nice
>>>when you can punt on a bug and blame it on Guido :)
>>Congratulations ;-) Just in case, first check that there is not a bad
>>interaction between IPython 0.7.0 and Python 2.4. I find strange the
>>fact that the combination Python2.4.2/IPython0.7.0 works as it should
>>when started within a thread.
> Well, we could make a small test case that loads and configures readline for 
> 2.4, but without ipython.  I'll look into this later.  Readline has funny 
> interactions with threads, as evidenced by problems we've had in the past, 
> which were ultimately python's fault:
> http://www.scipy.net/roundup/ipython/issue30
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1166660&group_id=5470&atid=105470
> That history is what ticked my response, since I know that 
> python+readline+threads can be a bit of a toxic cocktail.

OK, I'm pretty sure this is a python bug: I tried 0.6.15 with both 2.3 and 
2.4, and same thing: 2.3 is OK, 2.4 ignores silently  the C-C.

It would be nice to write a small test case and file a python bug, to make 
sure they fix this for 2.5 (or 2.4.x if they make one).  Unfortunately, I'm 
swamped and need to fix the bugs in _ipython_ before I go working on python 



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