[IPython-user] Colors and less pager on win32

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 13 00:13:55 CST 2006

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> I download windows version of less pager and try to use with IPython. I 
> install less and set environmnet variable PAGER to less.
> When pagination is needed then less invoked correctly, I guess. But less 
> don't understand coloring escape sequences and show those in text. Very 
> unpleasant. Is this intended behaviour and I must do use NoColor scheme 
> when I want to use less or I need to invokre less with additional 
> parameters to force them to understand coloring escape sequences. Or 
> this just problem specific to windows port of less?

I'm sorry, but I can't test this to be certain.  I do suspect, however, that 
it's a win32/less bug, where they are not properly interpreting ANSI escape 
sequences.  Given that even the normal windows terminal doesn't handle them 
properly (hence the need for Gary Bishop's readline for IPython), I wouldn't 
be the least surprised to hear that other win32 apps also bork in their presence.

You may want to try just installing cygwin and working that way.  That gives 
you a decent terminal, along with a proper set of functional tools (basically 
a lightweight unix), without interfering with other win32 apps you may need.



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