[IPython-user] IPython demo mode and Windows---coloring problem

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant.travis at ieee.org
Fri Jan 13 21:52:51 CST 2006

I just finished using IPython to demo the new NumPy and SciPy using the 
very nice demo module in IPython.  Unfortunately, I had to use WinXP. 
The first thing I noticed, is that while my terminal window is colored 
nicely, the terminal did not understand the coloring codes for the demo 
classes code parser.

Is this a known problem.  I realize Windows terminals are not 
ANSI-friendly, but I thought that because I could see colors in the 
prompt, other colors would work too.

Of course

%colors NoColor

worked fine, but it definitely wasn't as snazzy as it seemed on my Linux 

I even tried installing ANSI.COM (and tried enabling ANSI.SYS in the 
CONFIG.NT file) --- all to no avail.

Is this expected behavior? and/or does anybody see a fix?


-Travis Oliphant

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