[IPython-user] IPython 0.7.1 is out.

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 04:01:00 CST 2006

On 1/25/06, Alan G Isaac <aisaac at american.edu> wrote:

> reST is much nicer and more powerful in any case.
> And other doc systems will likely support reST.
> E.g., Pudge http://pudge.lesscode.org/ supports reST
> in docstrings, and some have already recommended it over
> Epydoc.  (I am not offering an opion.)

Pudge does look good. It even appears to have Trac integration
(whatever that means).

I'd like to see a flamewar or two on the topic to have a more educated
opinion. ;-)

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