[IPython-user] turning off the return to editor option

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jan 27 22:58:24 CST 2006

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> There is a new feature added recently that prompts you if you want to
> return to the editor when there is a syntax error.  Is there any way
> to turn this feature off?  I didn't see a flag in ipythonrc.  I am a
> gvim user and unless there is a way to set ipython to call a specific
> vim server this feature doesn't do me much good and I am not yet in
> the habit of saying no to the prompt.

# Auto-edit syntax errors.  When you use the %edit magic in ipython to edit
# source code (see the 'editor' variable below), it is possible that you save
# a file with syntax errors in it.  If this variable is true, IPython will ask
# you whether to re-open the editor immediately to correct such an error.

autoedit_syntax 1



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