[IPython-user] auto_edit problems

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jan 31 15:51:01 CST 2006

Dave wrote:

> Here's my %config output (excerpt below).  This is a handy magic I didn't
> know about.   Actually I was able to find the problem using %config and your
> suggestions. The  autoedit_syntax 0 was not being picked up because a
> different ipythonrc.ini was being used than I expected.  I seem to have both
> a .ipython directory and a _ipython directory.  I thought .ipython was where
> the startup files were located.  But the %config shows ipythondir set to
> '_ipython'. So it looks like the autoedit_syntax issue was just my
> misunderstanding.  It seems to be turned off properly now. Thanks for your
> help.

Under win32, it now defaults to looking for _ipython.  It used to be .ipython, 
but we changed it a while back to accomodate broken win32 software which gets 
confused by dotted directory names.  But this was a mistake: given that 
ipython honors the IPYTHONDIR variable, users needing a name other than 
.ipython can always set their own systems to use this.

I won't change it again in the stable branch, but the chainsaw branch will use 
.ipython for all OSes, with users (as they can today) being able to define 
their own IPYTHONDIR config if they need something else.



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