[IPython-user] [IPython-dev] Release of pyreadline 1.3

Andrew Straw strawman at astraw.com
Fri Jun 2 03:55:20 CDT 2006

Fernando Perez wrote:

>On 6/2/06, Andrew Straw <strawman at astraw.com> wrote:
>>Is pyreadline a Windows-only thing?
>Yes, the *nices have the real readline.  Well, in OSX I think it needs
>to be added by hand b/c Apple doesn't really ship it by default, but
>at least it exists.  Under Win32, until UNC readline came along,
>ipython was kind of crippled (not tab, no arrow-history, no
Right, but isn't the "real readline" GPL, which prevents even some
packagers of Python on *nices and OSX (which I guess is a *nix) from
including readline? (Isn't that the most likely explanation for Apple
not shipping it?) Anyhow, I'm just totally ignorant and curious here. I
thought I remembered reading about how a cross-platform
BSD-license-esque pyreadline would solve these issues. I guess that's
next version. :)

No doubt this will make (I)Python much more bearable in Windows, and I
really look forward to using next time I'm forced to spend more than a
few seconds in that OS.

While I'm on it, is there a decent console program for windows? I'm not
talking about the shell, I'm talking about the actual GUI program that
runs the shell. The equivalent of konsole, gnome-terminal, or whatever.


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