[IPython-user] bug with foreground color (was: Re: Release of pyreadline 1.3)

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Jun 7 03:44:41 CDT 2006

Walter Dörwald пишет:
> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>I think it's the bug. Please don't touch default foreground color!
> Are you using a custom color scheme?

What is custom color scheme?
I use standard "Linux" color scheme with black background.

> You might try fiddling with Console.write_color() in console.py to see 
> if you can fix this problem. My guess is that ``attr = attr & ~0x08`` in 
> the ``if part == "0": # switch to default`` test is the "problem".
> The real problem might be that the end of the prompt outputs "\033[0m" 
> to switch back to the default color, when what it really should do is 
> switch back to IPython normal output color.


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