[IPython-user] IPython 0.7.2 is out.

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Mon Jun 12 14:08:00 CDT 2006

When upgrading from Debian's 0.7.1.fix1+0.7.2.rc1-1 to 0.7.2,
I noticed problems with my (untouched) ipy_user_conf.py.
The old version had

     o = ip.options()

and the parens cause a traceback in the new version.  

I tried '%upgrade' but that output various 8-bit characters and other
garbage.  I think it may have been diffing the .pyc files.  And in the
end, it didn't make the error go away.  Removing the old .pyc didn't
help.  Manually renaming my .ipython directory made the error go away,
and then I copied the new ipy_user_conf.py to my old .ipython
directory, and then renamed it back.  ipy_profile_sh.py has a similar
problem, I believe.

I played with 'ipython -p sh' for a while and found it quite nice.
I miss my bash aliases, though; can they be imported automatically?

I noticed a couple of other things too:  

I have a directory /tmp/.ipython.tmp, and tab completion doesn't
seem to know it exists (e.g. tabbing after the 'y' doesn't show
any matches).

I sometimes run executables with './foo', since I don't have '.'  in
my PATH, but '-p sh' doesn't recognize this as a system command.

Is there a predefined way to get a bold prompt?  Only colours are
listed at




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