[IPython-user] IPython 0.7.2 is out.

Ville Vainio vivainio at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 16:01:06 CDT 2006

On 6/12/06, Dan Christensen <jdc at uwo.ca> wrote:

> When upgrading from Debian's 0.7.1.fix1+0.7.2.rc1-1 to 0.7.2,
> I noticed problems with my (untouched) ipy_user_conf.py.
> The old version had
>      o = ip.options()
> and the parens cause a traceback in the new version.
> I tried '%upgrade' but that output various 8-bit characters and other
> garbage.  I think it may have been diffing the .pyc files.  And in the
> end, it didn't make the error go away.  Removing the old .pyc didn't
> help.  Manually renaming my .ipython directory made the error go away,
> and then I copied the new ipy_user_conf.py to my old .ipython
> directory, and then renamed it back.  ipy_profile_sh.py has a similar
> problem, I believe.

Thanks for these reports; I'll take a look at these towards the end of
the week (travelling again). Getting %upgrade to work is a definitve

> I played with 'ipython -p sh' for a while and found it quite nice.
> I miss my bash aliases, though; can they be imported automatically?

I don't see why not, it just needs to be done & explored.

> I have a directory /tmp/.ipython.tmp, and tab completion doesn't
> seem to know it exists (e.g. tabbing after the 'y' doesn't show
> any matches).

I believe this is due to removal of files with period from completion
list. It should be fixable as well.

> I sometimes run executables with './foo', since I don't have '.'  in
> my PATH, but '-p sh' doesn't recognize this as a system command.

This is a known problem atm. I just do !foo on windows because . is
always on the path there. You might try !./foo, it's too late for me
to verity this though.

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