[IPython-user] Does import_some really work?

Matthew Wilson matt at overlook.homelinux.net
Wed Jun 21 11:21:37 CDT 2006

It's highly possible I'm just using import_some incorrectly.

I want to import a function load_config that exists in this module on
our file system:


I have the environmental var $PYTHONPATH set to /disk2/ag/common.

This works fine, in the interpreter, or in programs:

from app.bmm import load_config

In my ipythonrc, I tried this, but apparently the import didn't happen:

import_some app.bmm load_config

I don't see any errors or warnings.

I've resorted to doing this instead:

execute from app.bmm import load_config

And then works perfectly.

What am I doing wrong?



A better way of running series of SAS programs:

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