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Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Jun 25 12:35:40 CDT 2006

Ruan, your original email was discarded because your screenshot was absolutely 
gigantic.  I've converted it to png and forwarded it to the list here.

In the future, make sure you send screenshots in png format. BMPs are so big 
that the list software will always reject them.



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console display problem in Cygwin?
"Ruan Zhichao" <xy.lake at gmail.com>
Sun, 25 Jun 2006 14:55:18 +0200
ipython-user at scipy.net

Hello, everyone

I just run into a display problem of IPython in Cygwin, please see the
attached snapshot.  When i ask IPython to complete, it is always to attach
two redundant letters. I have updated IPython from 0.6 to 0.7 and 0.72,  but
it is not useful. How can I fix the problem?

Many thanks


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