[IPython-user] no output in ipython under emacs...

SK skokot at o2.pl
Sat Mar 25 16:33:10 CST 2006

I have a script.py buffer and ipython buffer open in emacs. Consider the
following cases:

1) the command typed in ipython buffer

In [5]: string.join(string.split('xxaaxxaa', 'aa'), 'CC')
Out[5]: 'xxCCxxCC'

2) in script.py buffer, a marked command:
string.join(string.split('xxaaxxaa', 'aa'), 'CC') 
is executed with "C-c |", I get no output!

In [3]: ## working on region in file /tmp/python-9432Hxi.py...

3) the same as case 2) but added print command:
print(string.join(string.split('xxaaxxaa', 'aa'), 'CC'))
the result is:

In [4]: ## working on region in file /tmp/python-9432U7o.py...

So the conlusion is that when executing a region from a file.py buffer (case 2),
I get no output which is quite confusing in comparison to the same command typed
in ipython buffer.

Should it work like that?
Best regards.

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