[IPython-user] autoindentation problem in emacs

SK skokot at o2.pl
Sun Mar 26 12:25:50 CST 2006

Liu Jin <m.liu.jin <at> gmail.com> writes:
> It works by copying anything after IPython's prompt into a hidden
> buffer and let python-mode take care of the indentation. You can see
> how it works by open the buffer named "*IPython Indentation
> Calculation*" side by side with you python shell buffer.
> Briefly tested under NTEmacs22 & SVN IPython. Feel free to bug me if
> anything goes wrong (quite likely) 
Great work!
Now autoindent works. The only problem is that when new prompt comes, the
indentation remains as in the example below.

In [3]: for i in range(2):
   ...:     for j in range(1):
   ...:         print i, j
0 0
1 0             | cursor comes here
In [4]:         x = 5


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