[IPython-user] autoindentation problem in emacs

SK skokot at o2.pl
Mon Mar 27 09:00:49 CST 2006

Liu Jin <m.liu.jin <at> gmail.com> writes:
> I should really check if current line begins with "   ...:"
> (i.e. py-shell-input-prompt-2-regexp) before inserting
> whitespaces. But the tricky part is, after the comint-send-input call
> (which sends current line to ipython), the response is yet to come. 
> So here's another attempt. It uses comint-output-filter. I have a gut
> feeling that this is unreliable, but it seems to work so far...

Unfortunately the second patch doesn't work here. I'm using Debian Sarge and
emacs 21.4. When inserted the code to ipython.el I get to the initial point i.e.
not autoindent at all.

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