[IPython-user] Recording sessions

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Fri May 26 16:05:40 CDT 2006

On 5/26/06, Ken Schutte <kschutte at csail.mit.edu> wrote:
> Thanks for the tip.  I had never known about screen.  With -L it can
> record a whole session (color too!), which is great.  So, I'm almost
> there - but seem to be lacking a way for ipython (or regular python if
> necessary) to execute a series of commands from a file while showing
> input commands and output, ie just as if typed.  I guess I'll have to
> keep looking...

No, something like that doesn't really currently exist.  Short of
building a true 'notebook' interface (for which we do have a proof of
concept prototype, but nothing production-ready), you might be able to
hack together an expect-based system which feeds a file, one line at a
time, to a running ipython.

After seeing what SAGE can do (http://sage.scipy.org) with expect to
control mathematica, maple, maxima, gap, ..., I'd be surprised if this
wasn't quite easy.

Let us know if you make it work.



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