[IPython-user] ipython1 problem?

Flavio Coelho fccoelho at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 13:23:50 CST 2006

Hi I am testing Ipython1 on another machine ( on mine it works perfectly)
and everything starts up nicely, I can see all the engines and the
controller with ps -xa |grep ip but when I create a RemoteController inside
ipython, I can't connect to the nodes:

In [1]:import ipython1.kernel.api as kernel

In [2]:rc =kernel.RemoteController(('',10105))

In [3]:rc.getIDs()
Connecting to controller:  ('', 10105)

I have the latest SVN of ipython, ipython1, twisted and nevow. Plus the
recommended version of ZopeInterface.

Any hins of what may be going on? Do I have to have a Zope server running?

Flávio Codeço Coelho
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