[IPython-user] reload question

belinda thom bthom at cs.hmc.edu
Tue Nov 21 16:07:31 CST 2006


I am happily using iPython in xemacs w/python-mode.el and ipython.el.

I'm having trouble importing things "at the level I'd like" to be  
able to easily generate doctest data.

Ideally, I'd open e.g., foo.py, into xemacs and then (re)load it into  
iPython (py-shell buffer) via C-c RET. When I do this, it does put  
foo into the interactive namespace. However, for doctesting, I want  
the objects inside of foo.py to be in the namespace. To accomplish this:

	from foo import *

works. However, if I now modify foo.py in some way, I can't figure  
out how to reload the objects into the namespace directly.

This kind of operation seems like it might be used a lot. Is there  
some magic command I'm missing?

Advice appreciated.



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