[IPython-user] colors NoColor issue and ipython.el

belinda thom bthom at cs.hmc.edu
Wed Nov 22 11:47:56 CST 2006


I've been playing w/ipython in the xemacs setting, where ipython.el  
provides the py-shell command. I've got the following line in my  
ipythonrc file:

colors NoColor

When I start python manually (from a terminal window, outside X11, or  
w/in an xterm via X11, or w/in a shell buffer in xemacs), the colors  
are turned off as I'd like.

However, when I execute py-shell in xemacs (via M-x py-shell), the  
colors are turned on (the ipythonrc file is ignored). From this py- 
shell, I can manually turn the colors off (In [x]: colors NoColor),  
but would obviously much prefer the startup file be adhered to.

What's going on?


p.s. Am running Mac OS X 10.4.8, ipython 0.7.2 (obtained via  
macports), python-mode version 4.75 (obtained via sourceforge),  
python version 2.4.3 (macports), and xemacs (macports installed w/ 
mule and sumo variants) 21.4.19.

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