[IPython-user] Launching background processes

Jouni K Seppanen jks at iki.fi
Thu Nov 23 00:13:29 CST 2006

"Amr Mostafa" <amr.mostafa at gmail.com> writes:

> I've set /usr/bin/ipython as my shell in /etc/passwd. So it doesn't
> run from inside bash or so.

Does IPython deal with all the subtleties of process groups,
controlling terminals and what-have-you that one expects from a modern
job-control shell? If not, it might not be a very good idea to make it
your login shell. See e.g.


for a discussion of the concepts involved.

> When I exit ipython, all background processes launched either using
> jobs.new(os.system, 'cmd') or popen2(['cmd']) get killed as well.

In typical shells, if you want a process to outlive the shell you
start it in, you have to start it with "nohup", or make sure it
ignores SIGHUP itself. I don't know if IPython has a way to do that.


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