[IPython-user] colors NoColor issue and ipython.el

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 00:32:57 CST 2006

On 11/23/06, belinda thom <bthom at cs.hmc.edu> wrote:

First, an apology for such a delayed reply...

The reason why that /particular/ option seems to be ignored, is
because ipython.el is 'smart' about setting it by analyzing the Emacs
background.  All other options in ipythonrc are normally treated.

>  From the world who reads this list---help is greatly appreciated.

Try adding to your .emacs (or .xemacs/whatever.el) init file:

;; Configure the ipython call for pylab use
(setq py-python-command-args '("-colors" "NoColor"))

That seems to do the trick on my box.

Again, sorry for my long non-reply on the list.



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