[IPython-user] IPython/wxPython crash on ppc Mac OS X 10.4.8

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 08:34:10 CST 2006

On 10/31/06, Michael Scarpa <m.scarpa at uva.nl> wrote:

> I just tried this on my setup (the mentioned lines in ipythonrc are
> active, I checked), and I could not get Python to crash.  I believe
> it comes from the fact that when installing Python through
> DarwinPorts, readline gets installed as well (as a dependency),
> meaning that the default readline from Apple is not used.  This might
> explain why this error does not occur.  I recall that also Fink is
> set up like this, so people who install Python using either will most
> likely have their own readline, which (I presume) does not suffer
> from above bug/problem.

Yes, I think the bug only exists in apple's own library, and I don't
know if it's there in all versions.

> The question here would be, how to detect whether one is using Python/
> readline from Apple or their own, but I guess you guys know more
> about that than I do.  Just being curious here.

If a Mac user is interested in coming up with the patches, they'll be welcome :)

But I think this is one of those high work/low reward things, and just
having this thread in the archives with Brian's solution and the
explanation may be enough for most.    I've also added an entry to the


Feel free to edit it with more details as needed.



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