[IPython-user] Files not closed under IPython?

Mike Krell mbk.lists at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 19:46:38 CDT 2006

> You need to close your file descriptors yourself, python doesn't guarantee
> their closing at any particular time other than the interpreter's exit.  Since
> in ipython, the python process hasn't died yet, your files aren't closed.
> When you start a fresh python process from the command line, that process
> finishes and all open files get closed.
> Get in the habit of closing any open files when you're done with them, if you
> want to avoid all kinds of hard-to-track bugs.  This is not an ipython issue.

I thought that something like this was probably the issue.
Unfortunately, I was led astray by the examples both in the official
python docs and at effbot.org which show the csv writer being
constructed with a nested open call.  I could not find a way to get to
the associated file object from the writer object.  In order to
explicitly close, I'll have to do the construction in two steps.

Thanks for your help!


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