[IPython-user] ipython 0.7.3 vs. django (python 2.5)

Patricio Olivares polivare@lilyphilia....
Sun Apr 1 16:18:28 CDT 2007

I'm trying ipython 0.7.3 with django on a python 2.5 install.
When ipython try to index the modules (for example when I type "import
<TAB>"), I get a traceback from django. See <http://pastebin.ca/420048>.

The steps I did were:
- install a fresh python 2.5 release from sources on /tmp/yo
- install ipython 0.7.3 (using /tmp/yo/bin/python setup.py install)
- install django from svn
(<http://code.djangoproject.com/svn/django/trunk/>). The release 0.9.6
gives the error too.

All of this on ubuntu dapper. After entering ipython and doing "import
<TAB>" or "from <TAB>" I got the traceback.

Django has some weird setting requirements so maybe there's a way
to exclude it from the scanning?

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