[IPython-user] Error when importing module into ipython

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Tue Apr 3 20:12:34 CDT 2007

On 4/3/07, John Pye <john@curioussymbols.com> wrote:
> Ok.
> If you fancy taking a look at the problem, the python module concerned
> is available as a windows installer download at http://freesteam.sf.net/.

I'm cc'ing the list in case anyone else there happens to be willing to
take a stab at it.  I'm afraid I'll pass: I don't really use Windows
for anything other than tests for ipython, and even that I tend to do
rather reluctantly.  Since I do all my work under Linux, setting up
windows for any kind of testing typically takes me some time, I don't
have any development tools in there I can really use, etc.  And
besides, to be honest I just hate running in that environment :)

> I think you suggested that I check that the freesteam DLL isn't coming
> from another directory somehow. How can I check where a module has been
> loaded from, in IPython?

import foo

will give you path information about module foo.  In your case this
wouldn't work for freesteam, but you could try to get into the
debugger and look at the SWIG module's internal attributes (the one
prefixed with _), study sys.path for unusual stuff, etc.

It's indeed a very strange error, I have to say.  Sorry I can't offer
an actual solution.


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