[IPython-user] Testers requested - 0.7.4.rc1, with async cross-thread exceptions

Steve Lianoglou lists.steve@arachnedesign....
Thu Apr 5 09:15:28 CDT 2007

Hi Fernando,

> If the multithreaded async exception support turns out not to work,
> it's (deliberately) a single, self-contained patch that I can easily
> revert and we're otherwise good to go on all pending tickets and items
> in my todo list for 0.7.4.
> So, those of you on *nix/Python2.4 who want to help, please remember
> to install ctypes first.  Win32 users already had it (it's needed for
> pyreadline), and Python2.5 ships with it.

Although I can't explicitly remember installing ctypes, I have a  
vague memory of doing so ... doesn't numpy rely on it somehow?

Intel Mac, OS X.4.9
Python 2.4
Latest svn for IPython.

Seems to be working as advertised -- I have a "long  
computation" (something that spins around in a for loop for about 5  
mins), which I can ctrl-c out of .. I feel like I wasn't able to do  
this last night when I really wanted to (and had to just close out of  
the shell to stop it)


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