[IPython-user] [IPython-dev] bug in coloured prompt

Thorsten Kampe thorsten@thorstenkampe...
Fri Apr 6 20:56:17 CDT 2007

* Fernando Perez (Thu, 5 Apr 2007 14:54:59 -0600)
> On 4/6/07, Thorsten Kampe <thorsten@thorstenkampe.de> wrote:
> > I would like to urge you strongly to consider having a look at the
> > thread mentioned (or at least at Eric's reply).
> I did.

That's the information I missed, thanks :-).

> But if you can't contribute a patch yourself, I encourage you to file
> a ticket for this issue in our bug tracker:
> http://projects.scipy.org/ipython/ipython

I'll do that.
I still think that the problem could be quite simple. Just one more 
question and I will stop nagging and being a PITA:

1. Does IPython wrap the colour prompt
a) just in a single "\001invisible\002plain" or
b) in something like "\001\001invisible\001\002plain"?

2. If b) then where does that happen in the source code?

The reason for me asking is: if 1.a) then the bug will not be easy to 
find (at least not for me), if 1.b) then the bug should be quite easy 
to find (maybe even for myself)


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