[IPython-user] ipython, emacs and TAB completion (text mode)

Emanuele Olivetti emanuele@relativita....
Tue Apr 10 04:39:12 CDT 2007

after struggling a bit with with ipython and emacs in text mode ('emacs
because TAB completion doesn't work (it just add spaces...), I've found on
ipython ML archives that changing:

(define-key py-shell-map [tab] 'ipython-complete)


(define-key py-shell-map "\t" 'ipython-complete)

in ipython.el solves it. But it opens up a similar issue when using emacs in
graphical mode (= no completion). !?!

Instead just 'adding' the second line to ipython.el (the "\t| one), so
both there, solves the issue completely in both situation (text mode and
graphical mode).

What about patching ipython.el in SVN to have both lines?

By the way, I experience the issue on various versions of GNU/emacs (21,
and ipython (till 0.7.3 at least).

Hope this helps,


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