[IPython-user] odd command-line navigation behavior with Python 2.5

Lev Givon lev@columbia....
Tue Apr 24 09:29:51 CDT 2007

After recently upgrading to ipython 0.8.0 with Python 2.5 on Linux, I
observed that pasting Python code into the ipython command prompt with
one's mouse causes navigation keys such as the arrows and \C-a / \C-e
to behave strangely, i.e., if I try to move the cursor to the
beginning of the line, it appears to loop around back to the end of
the line before the beginning of the line is reached or else not move
any further left somewhere in the middle of the line. I have a
suspicion that this behavior is due to something in Python 2.5 because
ipython 0.7.3 displays the same symptoms when I use it with Python 2.5
(I had previously been using the latter version with Python 2.4
without any such problems). Removing my .ipython directory in either
case did not have any effect. Has anyone observed behavior of this


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