[IPython-user] profiling advice

Ryan Krauss ryanlists@gmail....
Tue Aug 7 08:22:02 CDT 2007

Thanks Stefan, I think I got that to work.  But I still had trouble
getting the information in a form I can easily make sense of and the
totals didn't add up like I think they should.

I am fairly happy with the two approaches to run -p, with and without
the filtering by module name.  And if I comment out the pylab.show()
command at the very end, I get more useful information as far as what
parts of my code are slowing things down.

I am half tempted to write my own python script that takes another
script and adds time.time() after every line and then at the end
displays the time for each line.  It is just parsing text and wouldn't
be too difficult I don't think.


On 8/7/07, Stefan van der Walt <stefan@sun.ac.za> wrote:
> Hi Ryan
> On his webpage, Fernando shows how to combine hotshot and kcachegrind
> to visualize profiling results:
> http://amath.colorado.edu/faculty/fperez/python/profiling/
> I find his recipe very useful.
> HTH,
> Stéfan
> On Mon, Aug 06, 2007 at 01:24:18PM -0500, Ryan Krauss wrote:
> > After being frustrated by some different profiling attempts a while
> > back, I often find myself doing something like this:
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