[IPython-user] ipython, debug, gettext and underscore

dima Q dimaqq@gmail....
Wed Aug 8 03:52:07 CDT 2007

Hi I was wondering if anyone figured out how to use ipython's debug features
with gettext safely.
gettext.install() registers _ (underscore) in builtins, so that you can do
print _("text to translate"),
however ipython uses _ for last return value (which works, because it's
local to ipython apparently)
on the other hand when one runs debug from ipython and any command that
returns any program data,
debug manages to set _ for the entire program, after which every single
_("...") in the program dies
with TypeError: <xxx> not callable.

Is there a way to disable usage of single underscore in ipython and debug?
I don't mind all the other __, ___, _i, _iii, _1, _2 and whatnot, just a
single underscore...

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