[IPython-user] strange issues...

fred fredmfp@gmail....
Sat Aug 18 10:31:36 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I get strange issues (ie I don't understand):

1) Using the -p option seems to break some magic:

If I type %p + TAB, I get:

In [1]: %p
%p        %pdb      %pdoc     %pinfo    %profile  %psearch  %pwd     
%page     %pdef     %pfile    %popd     %prun     %pushd    %pycat   

without -p option, and

In [1]: %p
%page     %pdb      %pinfo    %popd     %profile  %prun     %psearch  
%pushd    %pwd      %pycat   

with -p option.

BTW, psource seems to be never defined.

2) issue with aliases

I want to define a few aliases such as

p = 'cd -'

q = 'cd ..'

like the aliases I use under tcsh.

The problem is that using these aliases does not update the current
working directory.

I guess this is related to the subshell (the subshell goes to dir, but 
when it
exits, cwd in ipython has not been modified, of course).

How can I do it ?

Should I define my own magic ?



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