[IPython-user] strange issues...

fred fredmfp@gmail....
Sat Aug 18 16:08:35 CDT 2007

Ville M. Vainio a écrit :
> It's because the default profile is different, it leaves these
> "unnecessary" magics around for backwards compatibility/familiarity.
> If you always want them, add "import ipy_legacy" to your
> ipy_user_conf.py.
Ok, thanks.
>> 2) issue with aliases
>> I want to define a few aliases such as
>> p = 'cd -'
>> q = 'cd ..'
>> like the aliases I use under tcsh.
>> The problem is that using these aliases does not update the current
>> working directory.
> Only the "magic" cd works that way. You need to define %macro for these.
Yes, but IIUC the doc,
macro works with line numbers.
I do not have "line numbers" for this case, no ?
So, I would like to use some function.
I can't see something related to the use of functions in the table of 
(I did not yet finished to read it).

BTW, what's going on with psource ? I don't have magic psource, what's 
the problem ?



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