[IPython-user] [IPython-dev] confirm_exit issue with scipy profile...

fred fredmfp@gmail....
Mon Aug 20 16:16:02 CDT 2007

Ville M. Vainio a écrit :
> The particular issue with scipy profile is that it does "import
> ipy_defaults", which sets the "sensible" default values for many
> variables (i.e. what ipythonrc was basically doing). "ipythonrc"
> should not override them. My guess is that there is no "scipy" profile
> in fred's ~/_ipython (and hence no "include ipythonrc" that it came
> with), they are not installed anymore (but are honored if they do
> exist).
You guess wrong ;-)

cat ~/.ipython/ipythonrc-scipy

# -*- Mode: Shell-Script -*-  Not really, but shows comments correctly
# Configuration file for ipython -- ipythonrc format
# The format of this file is one of 'key value' lines.
# Lines containing only whitespace at the beginning and then a # are ignored
# as comments. But comments can NOT be put on lines with data.

# This is an example of a 'profile' file which includes a base file and adds
# some customizaton for a particular purpose.

# If this file is found in the user's ~/.ipython directory as 
# it can be loaded by calling passing the '-profile scipy' (or '-p scipy')
# option to IPython.

# This example is meant to load several modules to turn ipython into a very
# capable environment for high-end numerical work, similar to IDL or MatLab
# but with the beauty of the Python language.

# load our basic configuration with generic options
include ipythonrc

# import ...
# Load SciPy by itself so that 'help scipy' works
import_mod scipy

# from ... import ...
from scipy.io.numpyio import fread, fwrite

# Now we load all of SciPy
# from ... import *
import_all scipy

# code
execute print 'Welcome to the SciPy Scientific Computing Environment.'

May be the problem sould come from here ?

Anyway, I don't see where...



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