[IPython-user] Tab completion and number of rows/columns displayed

Jesus Aguillon jesus@aguillon....
Tue Dec 18 12:42:58 CST 2007

When I do tab completion, it looks like in 0.8.1 everything is laid out in 3
nice columns, whereas in 0.8.2 everything seems to scroll off to the right.
In 0.8.1 everything is laid out in 3 columns  and multiple rows whereas in
0.8.2 I will sometimes get one very long row, or 4 very long rows and a
bunch of columns.

For example:
import os

os.<TAB>  gives me 3 columns in 0.8.1 and many rows
os.<TAB> gives me many columns and 4 rows (so I have to scroll off to the

Is there a configuration parameter that controls how this works?  I am on
Windows XP2 and I upgraded from 0.8.1 to 0.8.2.

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