[IPython-user] IPython in XEmacs now working on Windows

Pete Forman pete.forman@westerngeco....
Fri Feb 2 09:22:23 CST 2007

I've applied that patch by hand and pylab seems to work okay.  Thanks.

XP Pro SP2
XEmacs native 21.5.17
python-mode.el 4.79
ipython.el 1851
Python 2.5
IPython 0.7.3 + patch
wxPython Unicode

~/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc has one changed line

backend      : WxAgg

These emacs variables set using customize

("-pylab" "-colors" "LightBG")
"d:/Program Files/Python25/Scripts/ipython.bat"

After starting XEmacs, enter this in *scratch*

(require `ipython)

There are a few niggles.

1) I failed putting (require `ipython) in ~/.xemacs/init.el (formerly
~/.emacs).  There was an error about py-shell-map being undefined.
Perhaps using an autoload might make things smoother.

2) py-python-command-args means that vanilla CPython does not work.
We should look at falling in line with Jython handling in python-mode.
It uses separate variables for each interpereter and switches using

3) The initial state of the interpreter is as if 'from pylab import *'
has been done.  My preference is to explicitly enter 'import pylab'.
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