[IPython-user] IPython in XEmacs now working on Windows

Pete Forman pete.forman@westerngeco....
Tue Feb 6 11:56:09 CST 2007

Nicolas Pernetty <nicopernetty@yahoo.fr> writes:

 > On Fri, 02 Feb 2007 15:22:23 +0000, Pete Forman
 > <pete.forman@westerngeco.com> wrote :
>> [snip]
>> These emacs variables set using customize
>> py-python-command-args
>> ("-pylab" "-colors" "LightBG")
>> ipython-command
>> "d:/Program Files/Python25/Scripts/ipython.bat"
 > I don't have to customize this particular variable : if you put
 > your directory in your PATH environment var,
 > ipytohn.el/python-mode.el will find your ipython by themselves !

I don't like having too many entries in PATH.  ipython is the only
script that I use from that directory.

>> After starting XEmacs, enter this in *scratch*
>> (require `ipython)
>> There are a few niggles.
>> 1) I failed putting (require `ipython) in ~/.xemacs/init.el (formerly
>> ~/.emacs).  There was an error about py-shell-map being undefined.
>> Perhaps using an autoload might make things smoother.
 > I don't have this problem, and neither have my co-workers.
 > Can you try with a vanilla init.el ?

I tried starting xemacs -q which bypasses init.el.  Entering (require
`ipython) in *scratch* now gives the error about py-shell-map.  If
however I enter (setq ipython-command ...) first then all is well.

My guess is that you are doing a setq or similar before (require
`ipython) which is causing some py- stuff to load.  In my case I
suspect that customize is provoking the load, so ipython fails in
init.el as that is too early.  By the time I get to the *scratch*
buffer customize has done its thing.

I've now removed ipython-command from custom and moved it into
init.el.  The relevant part of that is now two lines.  Startup is now

(setq ipython-command "d:/Program Files/Python25/Scripts/ipython.bat")
(require `ipython)

 > Thanks a lot for your help,

Thank you.  XEmacs + IPython + pylab is a formidable combination.
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