[IPython-user] IPython locks file being edited.

Paul Smith paul.smith@catugmt....
Mon Feb 19 19:08:15 CST 2007

I'm having a fairly frequent problem after a program crashes in IPython,
that I can no longer save the file in the editor I'm using. I'm using
IPython 0.7.3 and Crimson editor 3.70. So if I make some silly typo, run the
program and it stops, go back and edit and then save, the crimson editor
comes back with "Access to an unnamed file was denied". I can reproduce this
behaviour for SyntaxError exceptions, and it seems to be related to some
empty MFCnn.tmp files that are created in the same directory as the code. If
I close IPython I can then save the file. I don't think this ever happened
in previous IPython versions. Also I'm not launching the Crimson from
ipython's command line edit, I start it up separately.


Appreciate any insights on this, thanks.



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