[IPython-user] IPython under ntemacs -- step by step?

Nicolas Pernetty nicopernetty@yahoo...
Tue Feb 27 18:04:38 CST 2007

On Tue, 27 Feb 2007 08:34:32 -0700, "Mike Krell" <mbk.lists@gmail.com>
wrote :

> Hi,
> I know there were some recent messages here regarding getting ipython
> to run under gnu emacs for windows (ntemacs).  I'd really love to do
> this.
> Can someone fill me in on how well this works and exactly what
> versions of ipython, ntemacs, and python-mode.el (or python.el) I need
> to get this running?  Step by step instructions would be the ideal,
> but I suspect they're not available.
> I searched for this on the ipython wiki with no luck.  If someone
> could give me a pointer, I'll be glad to write up more detailed
> instructions and post them on the wiki.


Currently making IPython works on NTemacs or Xemacs is still a little
awkward. Possible but awkward.

I can guide you step by step if you really need it, but I recommend to
wait a little (a few weeks to a few months) to let all the patches be
slowly assimilated in the main branch. It will be much easier.


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