[IPython-user] wx and wxmsw32uh_vc.dll and wxPython

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 14:58:55 CST 2007

On 1/28/07, Gary Pajer <gary.pajer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I decided to upgrade to wx 2.8 from 2.6.  I chose the unicode version
> of the WinXP installer.
> This brought back the old can't find wxmsw32uh_vc.dll error which in
> the past has been a sign that I hadn't installed the unicode version
> of wx 2.6.  I would install the right one, and the error would go
> away.
> I also now get a deprecation warning about importing wxPython ...
> import wx instead.

Don't worry, it's a minor annoyance that's been already fixed in SVN.

> This all happens if I start from my usual Limited acct on WinXP.
> Interestingly, if I start from my Administrator acct, ipython -pylab
> starts up just fine.
> I'm wondering if there's some old musty file in my Limited acct that
> is being found on startup.
> I wiped out \Username\_ipython\ipy_xxxxxxx.py, and reran %upgrade ...
> that didn't help.  I tried to get rid of all vestiges of wx 2.6.  No
> change.
> both accounts appear to start by running
> c:\Python24\Scripts\ipython.bat
> Any pointers?

Is your question regarding the warning?  If so, either ignore it for
now or run svn ipython.  Else, I didn't quite understand what the
question actually was...



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