[IPython-user] Question re Subtle Diff between Embed and Breakpoint

Jeff Rush jeff@taupro....
Wed Jul 4 06:27:30 CDT 2007

Hi, I'm preparing a presentation on the features of IPython and I'm stuck on 
one question.

What is the difference (in capability) between:

   dropping into an IPShellEmbed(), poking some vars and then
   exiting the shell to let the program continue executing,

   setting a breakpoint using pdb at that same point, poking
   some vars and letting it continue running,

   enabling IPython's feature of sending uncaught exceptions
   into the debugger, placing an exception at that same code
   point, and upon hitting the exception, poking at some vars,
   I guess in this cast I cannot continue running though since
   Python exceptions are not recoverable.

There seems to be a very subtle difference and I want to convey it accurately 
in my presentation (actually a screencast).



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