[IPython-user] Various questions re: IPython on Windows

Matt Wilkie maphew@gmail....
Sat Jul 21 13:15:58 CDT 2007

> > What's in your EDITOR variable?
> I don't have one.  It is launching notepad (well Notepad++ really)

There is something different about the way Notepad++ (and cream for
gvim and some other editors I've tried) starts compared to plain old
Notepad that makes ipy think the editor has already returned control.
If you change the editor variable back to Notepad the %ed command will
work. A substandard solution, I know, but the only one I've learned
about so far.

If cygwin is on the computer one can also use command line vi.exe
which is at least smarter than notepad if not as convenient for those
of us with a Windows background.


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